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48 Hours of Inspiration in Chicago

Posted On: November 9, 2015

stefan sagmeister, inspirationGraeme, Steve and I flew to Chicago last Sunday for a quick 48 hour creative conference lift.

FITC/FORM was about exploring all things digital, design and technology and featured some of the most edgy experiments at the convergence of advertising and technology.

Some of the most splashy, ‘in your face’, amazing work was by GMUNK; with everything from VR/SFX installations combining engineering, computer science and drones. Yes drones…. see some of his work below

On a smaller scale we were all enchanted with the inspirational story of a digital startup Anton and Irene and their success with guerrilla video production. It reminded us that amateurs and rookies keep storytelling and filmmaking techniques fresh.

chicago inspirationAnd over and over again we heard: 

  • – “Do personal work, it will inform your creative edge.”
  •  – “Don’t put anything in your portfolio you don’t want to do again, because if you do someone will see it and make you do it again.”
  •  – And lots of focus on the quality of your pitching and the idea that rapid prototyping is extremely powerful. It means people don’t have to ask “how” you are going to make it work, they will get it right away.

Hands down, our favourite was key note speaker Stefan Sagmeister, whose presentation on Why Beauty Matters was informative and, yes believe it or not, optimistic.

Not bad for a 48 hour turnaround.

Dorothy Engelman @dorothyengelman


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