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Small Scale Connectivity

Posted On: January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013

It’s not a new idea that social media is a powerful connector – it has the ability to link people and ideas on a massive scale. I’ve been a part of that mass phenomenon myself through Twitter and Facebook but I recently experienced the power of social media’s connectivity on a smaller scale – but with a big impact.

A few months back I got a message from a friend on Facebook – Sarah Mak and I went to elementary school together and parted ways after the sixth grade when we went to different middle schools but then four or five years ago we reconnected in the casual, non-committal way that is facilitated by Facebook.

Through creeping, I had seen that Sarah had been doing some traveling, had moved to Australia and appeared to be doing work in public health. (I also saw that she had completed the Wisconsin Ironman triathlon – BAD.ASS.) We had exchanged the odd hey-how-are-you message or commented on one another’s photos but that was really the extent of our communication.

Then, in November, I get an inboxed message from her – she only recently discovered that I work in production from a link that I had posted to our TD Bank Make It Better video. Intrigued, she had nosed around our website and watched some of our videos. Sarah and her husband Dave were starting up their own production company called The Story Boxes in Brisbane, Australia and were interested in our model and the work that we have done. They were visiting Canada for the holidays and wanted to come by our offices to have a chat.

Production StillsThe reunion itself was great – Sarah has the same smiling face that I remember from so long ago. We did the round of introductions – Sarah, Menaka, Dave, Richard, Dorothy – and sat down for what turned out to be a great chat.

They actually reminded me a bit of Dorothy and Richard – a young couple building a company and exploring the world of production together. We talked about the industry, our approach, how to grow the business, and they also told us a bit about their work, their goals, client relationships they’re building. Graeme and Stew also joined the conversation, talking a bit about sound recording, graphics, gear.

I think Sarah and Dave came away with the insights they were hoping for, and it was also great for us to learn about what they’re doing over in Australia – we had found like-minded storytellers on the other side of the world. The potential to one-day work together – here, there or somewhere in between – is very exciting.

We didn’t move the earth with our meeting but it was really just a great exchange of ideas and methods and creativity – which is a wonderful way to refresh our own work and our approach to the business here at Q.

I’m struck with how this 100% would not have happened if not for Facebook. Sarah and I don’t currently have any common friends so there would have been no other way for us to get in touch with one another and find this common ground and this common field. But the tool was in place to bring us back together after 21 years – and I’m glad.


Meticulous mind with a creative flare, May embodies the q consciousness. No production gets to market without passing by her desk. Bottom line, we'd be lost without her ... and up the creek without a paddle. ...

2 Comments on “Small Scale Connectivity”

  1. Kevin V.
    January 23, 2013 at 4:20 am

    Crazy! Love the class picture.

  2. Dorothy
    January 25, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    These small moments connecting us often can can big consequences . Check back in 5 years and reread
    I can almost guarantee you’ll see a bigger ripple effect with hindsight

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