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Demo Reel

Can’t be Done? Call Q and We’ll Make it Happen!

Posted On: July 10, 2015

commercial, creative challenge, athletes, bbd perfect storm Our new project with our friends over at BBD Perfect Storm is proof that Q laughs in the face of creative challenges. Okay, so maybe the laugh is a bit maniacal and filled with a little fear, but nothing inspires Allie and Graeme more than the seemingly impossible.

And creating a 2-minute commercial quality spot with a shoestring budget that requires more than a dozen athletes and talent, 8 different locations and 4K slo-mo was certainly a creative challenge. It took every brain on the Q team to solve some of the more complicated roadblocks, but the final product is something each and every one of us is proud of. Keep your eyes out for this spot full of muscles and spandex, set to launch in August.


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