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3 Tips for Diving into Digital Marketing

The ways in which we engage, share and watch content are rapidly changing. And therefore, marketing is rapidly changing. Here at Q we are always seeking new opportunities to be innovative and creative to help our clients solve communications problems in this dynamic landscape. That’s why Producer Caitie has been working with her pal (and our new consultant) Kendra Nicholson of Nicholson Consulting. Caitie’s learning about media optimization, targeted ad buys and tips to upgrade social channels so that we can provide our clients with holistic strategy plans and extend the digital assets we can provide. 

It means Caitie is more caffeinated than ever, but she has already learned a whole heck of a lot from Kendra. Here’s her 3 takeaways from her first few weeks of “social school”:

You serve your social media followers, not the other way around.

Your followers aren’t listening to your social channels out of the online goodness of their hearts. They want their feeds to be filled with cool things, helpful tips, beautiful imagery. You need to be serving them the content they want and should always be providing value. Make that your social mandate.

Optimize your video for the channel.

Social algorithms are beautiful, but complex things. They are smart and play by the social rules – dishing out the most relevant and optimized content first. That means you can’t just slap a 3 minute Youtube video onto your Facebook page or Instagram page and expect engagement. Facebook skews heavily to native content (content hosted on your Facebook page) so sharing video that is uploaded onto your page looks a million times better in a feed (and you can get some truly awesome and in-depth analytics). And no one is listening to audio on their Instagram, so you’d better optimize your Instagram video with subtitles. Taking the time to tweak your video content specifically for the channel you are posting to not only helps engage your audience deeper, but it shows you truly understand the value of the channel you are using.

It’s hard work, but it’s necessary.

Social channels are here to stay. In fact, 2017 was the first year that Facebook advertising spends outweighed traditional broadcast advertisers. So it’s not just a matter of appearing relevant anymore, it IS the new way of advertising. And after spending several mind-numbing hours optimizing our SEO on our website, I can tell you it’s not easy diving into social marketing and optimization BUT it’s so rewarding. Social marketing allows you to track pretty much everything, so you can see all your hard work at work. It’s also a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles coming up with new ways to engage your audiences and test what works.

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