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Demo Reel

Welcome to Canada, Kansas! Population: 20

Posted On: August 28, 2015


Stew helping to capture just the right light.

Unfortunately we can’t tell you what had Graeme and Stew filming down in Kansas as it is a TOP SECRET project, BUT we can tell you that the Southern hospitality makes for one heck of a friendly shoot. The guys spent 4 days in the small town of Canada, Kansas where they hung out with fellow “Canadians” and even met the descendent of the original settlers who came from Ontario, Canada in 1883. The biggest filming lesson they learned on the road? Sometimes you don’t need to prep and script every single shot location and piece of dialogue, if you have a naturally curious and fun crew, those elements will happen naturally.


Thumbs up for Kansas!


I don’t think we’re in Toronto anymore…







Check back in September to find out more about this top secret project in Canada, Kansas.



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