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Get Financially Fit with This Infographic

Posted On: April 7, 2015

40% of Canadians don’t put anything away for savings on a monthly basis.” *

Does pondering this statistic make your palms sweaty ? Well, never fear, a Foresters infographic is here!

financial literacy, infographic, Foresters

An infographic to overcome your financial fears.

This month, Foresters kicks off a Financial Literacy Month campaign. To support the launch, we created this viewer friendly infographic demonstrating the importance of financial literacy – and why it’s never too late to become financially savvy. It’s always a challenge making financial content accessible and at Q we find the best way to help audiences better understand number and statistic heavy content is to make it fun and visual.

This friendly, infographic campaign is also important because around the office our Senior Partners are always trying to help us understand the importance of financial independence – especially to our younger staff. (Josh, this means you’ll be closer to buying that Ferrari you want!) And if all else fails Richard always has a copy of the Wealthy Barber to lend or a piece of financial advice to share.

* Source: Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of ABC Life Literacy, 2011.


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