Image of Jeremy McCracken and his "q media red" baseball glove and ball. He is a lifelong fan of baseball.

Friends of Q: Jeremy

Meet Jeremy. Q’s Former Editor/Director

Baseball fanatic. Awesome editor.

What’s your “Q” connection?

I met Justin at Centennial. I was teaching an editing class for the children’s entertainment course and he was doing production. So I met him through there. While I was there, he kept saying they’re swamped, do you want to do some freelance work for them? And now it looks like I might have the chance to be here for a bit.

How would you describe life at Q Media Solutions to someone interested in working here?

Everyone is so nice and cool. No seriously, I’ve worked at places where it’s not, but its like a family here [at q].

If you had a whole day free, just for yourself, how would you spend it?

Work (laughs). Its so lame…because I leave here and I work at home at night. Yah, I’m like a workaholic, I don’t stop. Because I have my own stuff. My own things that I’ve shot, and I am just trying to do more. (laughs again) It’s not bad, its a good thing.

You’ve just won an Academy Award.  What’s it for?


And what would be the opening line of your acceptance speech?

First line, ugh, (sighs) I’d be so bad at it. I would probably say something like this is going to be quick, this is going to be quick. Or I would spend months planning out the perfect line that would make everyone laugh. It would be like one or the other though because I hate the long ones, I would hate for the music to come on.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

I wanted to be an animator. I wanted to be an aritst. …I’ve actually been to Pixar three times now. It’s like a dream. Like I go in and think I feel so creative right now. But I’m not a good artist, I try but I’m not. Or I wanted to be a baseball announcer- not even a baseball player, I think I realize I was going to be small my whole life, and I was like ‘I could do announcing.’ I’d turn on mute for the games on the TV. And I did [the announcing]. Seriously. Or a talk show host, because I really like talking to people. When I was a kid, I thought it would be fun getting to meet people and hear what their dreams are.

What is something quirky about yourself?

I can’t make people yawn. You know when you yawn and everyone else starts yawning, I don’t have that ability. I’ve tested it. I’ve had like scientific experiments, I’ve been on subways and I’ve done like real and fake yawns, in people’s faces, so everyone can see and not one person yawns. And it worries me because I think it might mean, that nobody knew in the whole world is intimidated by me. Because, I think it’s an animal instinct, isn’t it, because, animals are showing teeth and other animals would do it back [for intimidation]. I think it means I’m the least intimidating person in the world, because when I yawn no one else does.

[And that’s] just one of a billion. There’s so many. I actually could be much quirkier if I let loose, but I don’t.

What would be your ideal tabloid headline about yourself?

I would do everything in my power not to make that happen. Even if somehow I did win an Oscar, I’d be like Terrance Malik, you’d never see me, no body will know where I go. It would be like the tabloid for when people see Big Foot, it would be like a really blurry picture of me like in through a crowd. The headline would say ‘Spotted’, and you wouldn’t even be able to tell if that was me.

If you could live the life of character from a movie, who would it be? Why?

My first thought……….spiderman. But I’m not sure, I’ll have to think about that one and get back to you.

What did you like most from the 80s (ie the tunes, the TV, the clothes, ect)?

Baseball. Because in the 80s when I was learning baseball, that’s when I was playing non-stop as a kid and the Blue Jays were exciting and Sky Dome just opened in like 89, so that time of my life was all baseball.

Three Favorite words of all time.

Inconceivable (because of Princess Bride), plum and amazing.

Pick two people (dead, alive, famous, ect) that you would love to have dinner with.

I’ve  always [wanted to meet] comedians because I want to see how they think, like Karl Pilkington [from the Ricky Gervais show], and a baseball player…..maybe Lou Gehrig.

What do you like most about working at q?

Everyone is really talented. I am actually learning from everybody. Because I’ve done freelance so much, I’m by myself all the time, you know, so it is interesting seeing how other people work. Because every editor works differently so seeing their techniques and [seeing thing that] I wouldn’t have thought of. It’s so open too, the space is easy to interact with everyone.

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