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qmedia brand statement
Demo Reel

Our Thinking


We have 10 rules that guide our thinking. Guidelines might be a better term since we often revisit the rules. They are not written in stone. We are always learning new lessons. At the same time we find ourselves revisiting the rules and finding inspiration. So, what are the Q rules?

Q Rule #1 Real People Trump Actors. We believe in the power of authentic storytelling.

Q Rule #2 Research, Research, Research. We believe in doing our homework.

Q Rule #3  Share & Play Well with Others. We like to collaborate; sharing and working with our clients and their partners to bring all our work to new heights.

Q Rule #4  Brainstorm > Budget. We know that we can do better with our budgets if we challenge assumptions first, before we start executing.

Q Rule #5 Think Young. Adopt Early. Part of our success is based on our experience but without the young talent we miss what’s current and innovative.

Q Rule #6 Sometimes you build a Box. Everyone has an idea of what has worked before and wants to repeat success. We think it’s good to question that assumption.

Q Rule #7 Online video content is King. Stats don’t lie. It’s sharable, gets better engagement and SEO. 

Q Rule #8 Forget Craft Services. We believe in putting the budget to work. The budget isn’t there to spend on M&M’s and sushi.

Q Rule #9 Take Time. Play and have fun. Our best work happens when we try new things, experiment a little and have a great time at work. Our clients love it too.

Q Rule #10 Give back. Getinvolved! We are lucky to be able to use our excess energy and capacity to find ways to help out in our community. We often donate our time and talent and since 2008 we’ve been doing it everyday at

Overriding rule. Never underestimate your audience. People respond to honesty and authenticity. And they’ll always respond to the fresh and surprising. So work hard, stay humble and keep the creative fires burning.