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qmedia brand statement
Demo Reel

Our Philosophy

Are we a communications company, an agency, a production company? Hmm… well we collaborate with agencies like Bensimon Byrne, Carlson Marketing, Cundari; with broadcasters like BNN, CTV and TVO; with large companies like Scotiabank, HSBC, Direct Energy; and with NFPs like SickKids, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs and Princess Margaret Hospital. Do we produce TV, Commercials, Brand spots, Documentaries, Branded content? Yes. For TV and Web, for external and internal audiences. How? By following our guiding principles.

qrule #1  Real People Trump Actors

qrule #2  Research, Research, Research

qrule #3  Share & Play Well with Others

qrule #4  Brainstorm > Budget

qrule #5  Think Young. Adopt Early

qrule #6  Sometimes you Build a Box

qrule #7  Online CONTENT is KING

qrule #8  Forget Craft Services

qrule #9 Take Time. Play. Have Fun.

qrule #10 Give Back.!