Planes, Trains and BMW Automobiles! 

The Steves and Caitie have had the exciting opportunity to shoot another BMW series for the Globe and Mail.

In the past few weeks they’ve flown to Montreal and Edmonton filming with game changers and influencers like John Stanton, the Founder and CEO of the Running Room and Joey Adler, Founder of ONE x ONE.

Although the Steves have immensely enjoyed drooling over the brand new line of BMWs featured in the series, Caitie has been inspired by her interviews with our featured profilees. John Stanton inspires her every time she hits the treadmill with this interview tidbit “there’s some days you wake up, you’re fatigued and tired…but that’s where the mantra [comes in]: I’m strong, I’m fit…I believe in myself, I believe in the people around me, I can do this. And I get my butt out the door.”

And her day with Joey reminded her about the importance of being present and taking a break, both at home and at work: “The best business advice that I’ve ever gotten has been to be present. When you are not present, then you are scattered trying to do too many things at once. [So] it’s so important to have those opportunities to completely disengage.”

Stay tuned for the final product, set to roll out at the beginning of 2016.


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