Dominion Lending Centres: Campaign Series

Our House: We’ve got a mortgage for that.

the challenge.

DLC is Canada’s leading mortgage broker. Their challenge is the perception that brokers are for people who have difficulty getting mortgages from traditional lenders.

The range of DLC’s offerings are extremely comprehensive and work to help homeowners and future homeowners get the best mortgage at the best price. DLC wanted to better reflect the range of services and customers they serve — whether people are looking to renovate, buy a second home, secure a reverse mortgage, or re-finance, DLC virtually has a mortgage everyone.

So how can we demonstrate that DLC can be many things to many people?

the Q-lution.

Create a campaign that engages and surprises.

Together with DLC’s VP of Marketing Dave Texiera we worked on finding a succinct way to show the many faces (and voices) of home ownership. Dave wanted to use the iconic ear-worm song ‘Our House’ by Madness as a way to showcase the different DLC customers and their unique needs. We created six DLC customer scenarios; from a 30-something professional hosting a party at her condo to grandparents with their grandkids at the cottage. Then we got all the actors to lip-sync the “Our House” lyrics.

The first step in personalizing the popular song, started in the studio. Q Media connected with our friends at Marmoset to record a DLC custom 30-second version of the song. Up next was sourcing stunning and diverse home locations. From country starter homes to renovated semi’s – we searched high and low for the perfect variety. With the help of online sources like and (and a few friends) we were able to capture some beautiful locations that brought everything together. Add amazing casting to represent the diversity that is Canada and the DLC’s version of “Our House” was ready for it’s launch on the national stage.

the results.

A dynamic commercial in English and French that captures the excitement and personal experience of home ownership. And who doesn’t love a bit of 80s throwback with the great tune? The client is thrilled to have a flexible spot that hits all their key demographics and will roll out on air and in theatres over the coming months. And to find out how we converted “Our House: We’ve got a mortgage for that” campaign into comedic 15 second spots, check out the six part series here.