YMCA: Campaign Series

It Starts Here

the challenge.

Our It Starts Here campaign needed to highlight YMCA’s Health, Fitness and Aquatics programs but we didn’t want to get bogged down by the “what”. We wanted to articulate the YMCA’s uniqueness, especially in comparison to its competition.

the Q-lution.

Personal stories of transformation.

What makes the Y unique is the support members get from the staff, volunteers and members.

The It Starts Here campaign profiles the lives of members who are successfully living the YMCA values of building a healthier Canada.

Our campaign will feature 8 stories in English and French as well as text only assets, posters, a educational colouring book and more.

This story features Valerie just one of thousands of senior who have found community, health and an active lifestyle can transform retirement.Valerie joined the Y as a retiree. She was starting to have difficulty moving around, so she figured an exercise program might help. Twenty years later, Valerie at 90, spends her mornings Zumba-ing and is able to continue doing all the physical things she loves thanks to the YMCA.

the secret sauce.

Working with the Christine Harris and the Y’s amazing team, we mined a series of powerful stories, people who illustrate what the YMCA and Y programs mean, physically and emotionally. People who lives have been immensely transformed by the support of the Y community.



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