Habitat for Humanity Canada

A Clean Start

Sabrina felt hopeless juggling a cancer diagnosis and working full-time as a single mom. Habitat for Humanity helped Sabrina gain access to affordable homeownership and gave her family a clean start.

the challenge.

Habitat for Humanity Canada had the amazing opportunity to partner with Swiffer for a holiday donation campaign called “A Clean Start”. There are several misconceptions about the support Habitat offers their clients and they wanted a video launch for this campaign that addressed those misconceptions and encouraged donation.

the Q-lution.

Use a success story as proof of your value, and build a campaign around that story. 

We proposed that we film one family’s story and create a variety of assets to support the campaign across all social platforms. Working together with Habitat, we sourced and pre-interviewed several families that had been greatly been impacted by Habitat homes. Sabrina and Madi’s journey stood out to us as the best way to bust Habitat “myths”: for example, homeowners are not given their homes, homeowners still pay a mortgage, Habitat supports clients who have situational tragedies (death in the family, or illness). We created several different versions of Sabrina’s story to help promote the cause on a variety of platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) and the emotional stills were used as Google Ads and on the “clean start” landing page.