Ontario Telemedicine Network: Commercial Series

Here Now in Ontario

the challenge.

The Ontario Telemedicine Network is a world leader in the development and delivery of tools that are transforming health care.

However, many of their services aren’t well known to influencers, health care professionals and patients themselves. The team at Ontario Telemedicine Network wanted to find a way to build support and awareness about their work with those key audiences.

Initially Ontario Telemedicine Network asked us to develop a commercial campaign that focused on real life testimonials with a tight budget and short timeline.

the Q-lution.

While we pride ourselves in being able to develop powerful and emotional campaigns using real people and authentic stories, we weren’t sure this was the right approach for the OTN campaign.

OTN focuses on three technology solutions and asked us to build out scripts that would bring these technologies to life. We also believed it was important to focus on the benefits this technology would deliver to parents, to caretakers, and people managing chronic diseases.

Our idea— Now Available in Ontario. We proposed to dramatize typical scenarios where OTN solutions would be the hero. We demonstrated the key benefits – saving time, improving access, speed and quality of care; all the while delivering peace of mind. This benefits sound like the health care of the future, but the twist at the end of each piece is that these services are available NOW thanks to OTN. 

Creative was led by Dorothy and Graeme who found a way to shoot all three spots in just two and a half days, using documentary style, and authentic locations.

the results.

A powerful media partnership was negotiated with TVO that delivered OTN the influencer and key 45+ demographic audiences.


See the other two spots in the campaign: