University Health Network

The Patient Experience

A series featuring patients discussing their personal health journeys through UHN’s healthcare network.

the challenge.

The University Health Network wanted to develop a campaign around their patient-centred values to encourage buy-in from their internal staff. They also wanted secondary messaging that placed importance on a holistic approach to these values; allowing for patients to benefit from these staff principles in every step of their journey.

the Q-lution.

Documentary storytelling with the right patients. 

We discussed a variety of storytelling styles (drama, first person narrative, etc) but we selected documentary storytelling as it would highlight the emotional elements of this story. Working with UHN, we sourced several real patients whose healthcare needs connected them to multiple providers in multiple hospitals. Their healthcare journey became an important part of the story, as it highlighted how the values being embraced in a variety of touch points made the overall experience better for the patient. This style of filming encourages buy-in from both internal and external audiences as it allows for the audience connect with the subject and see the impact through their eyes.