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Demo Reel

Q Goes the Extra Mile

Posted On: October 8, 2015

filming, night shoot, extra mile

We’ve always prided ourselves on being flexible for our clients. We know how hectic schedules can get and we never want filming to disrupt the flow of business.

That’s why, last weekend, we shot in the middle of the night at a McDonald’s restaurant for our clients over at Whirl Inc. Even the kitchen needed to remain operational, to run the 24 hour drive-thru counter. 

And just to add another killer twist, we needed the restaurant to look like it was operating during the day. But no challenge is too great for Q; we lit the restaurant from the outside with our entire lighting arsenal (and then some), separated the crew into three units (to hit all of our needs in a short time – we had 70 scenarios and less than 10 shooting hours) and drank gallons of McDonald’s coffee throughout the night.


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