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Q Gives Back to Help Wellspring Fundraise $1.38 Million!

Posted On: April 21, 2016


Q Rule #10 Give Back.

Since 2005 we have donated our time to fundraise for Wellspring Cancer Support Centre. We have created PSA’s, videos and, for the past 8 years, we have produced the live show at their signature fundraiser the Henderson Hoedown. Every year the program has grown and so has the dollars raised,  On Thursday April 14th, eight Q Media volunteers produced the live show at this year’s Henderson Hoedown.  And each year we have produced a specific fundraising video to encourage guests to put $5000 down immediately to support Wellspring services.fundraise

This year we focused on their incredible Cancer Exercise program. The amazing story was shot and edited by Q and directed by award-winning Wellspring volunteer Leora Eisen. The video alone raised over $100,000 – adding to a record Hoedown fundraising total of over 1.38 million dollars. Yeehaw! Proof of the fundraising power of authentic storytelling.



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