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When Q Goes in with Camp Ooch, We Go all in!

Posted On: May 11, 2016

camp ooch Working with clients can be extremely rewarding—we learn tons, meet people doing exciting things and while we work to inspire, we get inspired along the way. Producer Caitie Drewery has been working with with Camp Ooch for years, helping Ooch raise funds and awareness.  She loves the work and while producing a new campaign this spring, she was inspired to go “all in.”

Last Sunday, Caitie decided help raise some money and awareness by taking part in Camp Ooch’s annual 10K. It was her first 10K, and she finished aglow — and one look at the “after” pic shows it likely won’t be her last. “There have certainly been some ugly training moments (hills are not my friend), but crossing that finishing line made it all worth it. When else do you get the opportunity to run down Yonge Street with crowds cheering you on?! Right around the 6km mark, I saw a security guard holding up a sign that said ‘Run like you stole it’ – that’s the kind of positive vibe that Camp Ooch creates throughout the whole event.”camp ooch

Caitie’s running mojo has proved contagious, next month, the whole Q family is swapping cameras for spandex and lacing up to run the 5K Journey to Conquer Cancer for Princess Margaret!

We’re proud of Caitie and the work we do for Camp Ooch. Check out a recent video on the run’s home page—and keep an eye out for our next campaign— coming soon.




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