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Demo Reel

360 Video: Facility Tour

360 Video

The Client:

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Toronto

The Challenge:

We were producing a promotional video for Ronald Mc Donald House Charities (RMHC) when they expressed an interest in a video that tours their Toronto facility. How do you make a tour video engaging, emotional and at the same time, informative?

The Q-solution:

Try something new.

We decided to use the magic of 360 filming to give the audience an immersive view of the RMHC facilities.

There are lots of challenges with any new technology or approach. Typically, 360 filming is limited to adventure videos, where a 360 camera unit is placed on a skier’s helmet or a race car’s roll bar. And few tell any kind of story. To remedy this, we decided to get the kids who live at the RMHC facility to take our viewers on the tour.

As we walked around the facility a unique idea dawned on us. What if the RMHC kids pulled a toy wagon carrying a 360 camera set-up, while narrating the tour. We handed over the wagon, hid the camera and let the magic happen. Bonus points if you can spot a crew member.


The Results:

Amazing! (it’s even better from your smartphone). It feels like you are there. The kids’ voices help to add a special authenticity to the tour combined with the 360 perspective you feel a special connection to this is an amazing place.Since we were all experimenting we did the production pro-bono.  The client got a great new shiny project and we got the experience which had led to more 360 videos– more on that in future projects!

The Secret Sauce:

We like to say that a great project requires a great client, and that was certainly true with Judy Nordemeer from RMHC. Trying something new always takes a client with an adventurous spirit. That certainly describes Judy; a passionate advocate for the facility and someone who loves exploring new ground.