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Demo Reel

Social Media Series: 60 Seconds of Science

Social Media Series

The Challenge: 

How can you make science fun, current and digestible to help grow brand and social media channels? And how can you deliver that content in a style that embraces the culture of the Ontario Science Centre, for audiences that may never be able to visit the Centre in person? 


Make it short and sweet! By putting the personalities of the Ontario Science Centre’s exuberant hosts in-front of the camera, you are not only hearing from the content experts themselves, you also get immersed in the voice and culture of the Science Centre. And giving our hosts a 60 second deadline not only breathes energy into the pieces, it is the ideal length for sharing on social media channels. Top that off with a friendly teaser and playful graphic right off the top to hook audiences in, and you’ve got a series that makes you smile and makes you smart – all in under 60 seconds. 

Watch them all here!

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