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Demo Reel

Animated Commercial: Energy Conservation Program

The Challenge:

Enbridge Gas Distribution wanted to create two commercials to support their campaign promoting their Home Energy Conservation Program (HEC)

Target Audience:

Realtors and potential home buyers.

The Q Solution:

Everyone has been asking for whiteboard style treatments after the success of Dr. Mike Evan’s medical shorts, but we felt that approach wasn’t quite aligned with the campaign strategy. Since the HEC audience were realtors and home owners we felt this was more art than science. And so the talented Josh Kaplan worked with Senior Producer Steve Lang developing two colourful fun-filled commercial spots. It’s a simple, clear story about a young couple looking for a home. They find a beautiful house but notice it’s drafty and far from energy efficient. Their realtor tells them about the HEC program and Enbridge saves the day (and her sale).