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Demo Reel

Animation: Something From Nothing

Animation – Green Standards

The Challenge:

Green Standards came to us with a great script for animation. They had a clearly defined message with specific details they needed to visualize. So how do you bring the details to life?

The Q-Solution:

Get animated.

They were attracted to Q Media by our whiteboard animation. It’s a style that offers simplicity and directness. But on this project our creative team had other ideas.

The script that Green Standards wrote was so strong and clear that we wanted to support it with something just as clean as a whiteboard video, but more compelling and more, on-brand. We developed an animated look and feel that could be adapted to Green Standards current brand, while establishing a unique style all of it’s own.

Creative Director, Graeme Mathieson and animator, Josh Kaplan collaborated to create this stylized animation that uses material textures to amplify the client’s “recycling” mission and a down-to-earth narration to evoke a conversation, not just a sales message.

Whiteboard animation is certainly a popular and compelling style, but at Q Media we aim to create a unique look that matches your brand, stands out from the crowd, and engages the audience with your message.