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Demo Reel

Awareness Video: Mining4Life

Awareness Video

The challenge:

You have a message to share at your event but the room is loud and people are busy. How do you get a room full of 200+ people to stop what they’re doing and pay attention to the video playing?

The Q-solution:

You get the kids who are being helped by the actual fundraising event to talk to them. Like literally – shouting out to them from the screen!

We broke the fourth wall by having the kids knock on the “glass” screen and call out to the audience. We had a very short timeline and tight budget (it was for a charitable event after all) so we borrowed an “actor” from SickKids and shot the video in our offices.

Then we had some fun by adding whiteboard-marker style animations and sound effects around the kids to create the look and feel that this video is not only for the kids but made by the kids. 

The result was a charming and authentic way for Mining4Life to say thank you to the audience for their generous support.

A huge thank you goes out to our partner Simon at Resolve Audio for his sound design!