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Demo Reel

Awareness Videos: Keeping Families Close

Awareness Videos

The Challenge:

Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto approached us in part because of our extensive work with SickKids and our reputation for developing innovative solutions delivering more for less.

The Q-Solution:

Extend the reach.

RMHC’s initial idea was to simply produce one video that could be put on the website, social channels and shown at a variety of fundraising events.

We discussed various needs and proposed that yes we could produce one video, but if we planned properly, we could also repackage that same material in a number of ways and tailor it specifically for different purposes. With the same amount of strategic planning, we were able to deliver a wealth of content for RMHC. That meant we could  release a variety of assets over a number of months; leveraging the value of their budget beyond one single release.

One thing we couldn’t plan for was just how cute our subjects would be. We let our cameras roll on some of that adorableness and the results were priceless. From a few minutes of playing around, we were able create a 30 second video for social media. This impromptu piece acted as the perfect addition to our content package. Watch it here!

The Q-Addition

In early discussions, there was also discussion of producing a simple tour video. Initially we worried this would be a dry and boring video. But, then we developed great test for another idea we’ve been toying with at Q – a 360 video.

Our idea: have kids staying at RMHC pull a 360 camera (mounted on a wagon) through the house, while offering their thoughts on what makes RMHC great.

The result is… TBA, stay tuned!