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Demo Reel

Branded Content: 2015 Pan Am Games

Director Graeme Mathieson and DOP Sasha Moric lay in the sand of the Atacama Desert in 40 degree dry heat trying to get just one more shot of Chilean marathoner Juan Carlos Morales.

Our Chilean soundman, Andres Espinoza, stood for an hour and a half a mile into the desert, after another long day, just to get the ambiance of this incredible landscape.

Our clients, Enrique Barrios and John Gemmell of Barrick, cajoled, re-scheduled, arranged and re-arranged vehicles, flights, and personnel so that we could tell the story of the people behind the scenes at Barrick, whose hard work will be on display on the necks of the best athletes this summer.

Graeme, Steve Lang and Shawn Dell edited their hearts out creating 5 documentary shorts.

Watch the big picture here and check out the stories of the people bringing the…

Gold from Helmo, Ontario

Silver from Dominican Republic

And the Copper for the Bronze from Chile


Huge thanks to our production team here at Q Media for the videos telling the story behind the Barrick Gold PanAm Campaign:

Producer: Dorothy Engelman

Creative Director, Director: Graeme Mathieson

Production Manager: Allison Walsh

Editors: Steve Lang, Shawn Dell, Matt Donkner

GRX: Josh Kaplan

Sound: Stewart MacLean


And our partners:

RF Films, Chile

Caribemotion, Dominican Republic

Resolve Audio Inc, Toronto

Built by Light, Toronto