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Demo Reel

Branded Content: New Balance Canada

Branded Content

The Client

This was Q’s first time working with Havas Worldwide‘s Canada division. Their client, New Balance Canada, was looking to create a commercial with a twist to announce the launch of the Woods Pack Shoes, the newest sneakers in their 574 collection, inspired by Canada’s natural beauty and exclusive to “Canadians”.

The Challenge


While other videos often rely on a meticulous amount of pre production planning, pre-interviews, etc – this particular video relied on the surprise factor. Which meant going into Canada, Kansas and crossing our fingers that the town of 22 would be a) friendly and b) accept the free shoes.

The Q-lution:

Send in our seasoned director and Q’s very own charmer, Graeme Mathieson to direct the reveals and make sure the best reactions were captured on camera. Not only did the Canadians invite our crew into their homes and their backyard parties, they invited us into their lives. Graeme captured some truly genuine and charming moments and the resulting launch videos are sure to put a smile on your face.