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Demo Reel

Campaign Series:We’ve Got a Mortgage For That
Dominion Lending Centres

Campaign Series – Dominion Lending Centres 6 x :15 spots

The Challenge

Dominion Lending Centres wanted to expand their national campaign “We’ve got a mortgage for that”, to change the perception of DLC as a service only for people who have difficulty getting mortgages from traditional lenders. DLC’s services are actually very diverse – they can assist customers looking to renovate, re-finance or even purchase a 2nd property.

How can you celebrate and highlight the unique needs of DLC’s customers?

The Q-solution

Snappy comedy with larger than life characters.

Everyone loves a short and sweet spot – Geico Insurance for example, has been using the 15 second spot in a very powerful way.

DLC’s VP Marketing, Dave Teixera came to us with some great creative, featuring larger than life characters who have some wacky mortgage and re-financing needs. Together we wrote 6 x 15 second scripts (English and French) that start and end with Erica, the unflappable and friendly Dominion Lending Centres agent.

Each spot features an unusual request for Erica, followed by the surprise character reveal and Erica re-assuring the customer that at DLC, no matter what the need; “we’ve got a mortgage for that.”

The Results

All 12 spots have a unique look, with strong creative direction by Graeme Mathieson. The characters also allowed the Q team to have a lot of fun in casting, wardrobe and set decorating, with props in the iconic DLC blue sprinkled throughout the set. (10 points for anyone who can spot ’em all!)

This series also is part of a National 30-second campaign, all set to the iconic Maddness song “Our House” – watch that launch spot here.