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qmedia brand statement
Demo Reel

Commercial: Dr. Sherry Cooper

The Client:

Dominion Lending Centres

The Challenge:

The VP of Marketing, Public Relations and Communications for Dominion Lending Centre was told 10 days before the Super Bowl that their existing ad could not be aired and that he would need to come up with something new for their big media buy.

The Q-solution:

He called us. And we did the strategy, location scouting shooting editing, telecaster approvals and delivery in 10 days after the initial phone call.

Day 1 Caitie took the call.

Day 2 Dorothy and Richard nailed down the strategy with the client

Day 3 Scouted 5 locations around the city

Day 4 Allison had the location booked and crew ready to film for the following week

Day 8 Production day!

Day 9 We edited, recorded narration and had all 3 spots ready for the client to review.

Day 10 Delivered to telecaster for approvals.

Day 11 Delivered to broadcaster


Leveraging Our Work

The key to working under tight timelines is to understand the audience and the communications goal and to make sure that time and money is well spent. After a few strategy calls – the message was clear: to answer the question “What is a mortgage broker?” And to make sure the time and money was well spent – we decided to film three commercials instead of one.

We knew with a well-constructed script we could nail the message with the first commercial. Since we had the location and the crew for the whole day, why not take full advantage? We created a 3 part commercial series that not only answered the question “What is a mortgage broker?” but also answered the why and the how. These three ads can stand-alone but by using the same beautiful modern home as our backdrop and having Dr. Sherry Cooper featured independently in each one, the series establishes itself as one fluid campaign.

Q Media Solutions as a whole is built to work on tight deadlines, with a small and multi-skilled team we can work closely on tasks collaboratively, avoiding the time consuming administration that comes with the silo mentality often found at other production companies.


The Secret Sauce

A fantastic client, who wanted to move quickly and responded in minutes to requests.

He was on set and available to screen edits the day after the shoot.

We could not have done it without the amazing Dave Teixeria the consummate client at Dominion Lending Centres. That and mutual trust – and a whole lot of fun.