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qmedia brand statement
Demo Reel

Commercial: Never Miss an Opportunity

The Challenge:

AGF Investments wanted to produce a multi-platform campaign, featuring their mascot – a Sumatran Tiger all in a tight 5-week window.

Target Audience:

Investors and Investment Advisors

The Q Solution:

All hands on deck!

Q worked directly with AGF’s marketing team to brainstorm potential ideas and approaches. The winning concept: AGF’s Tiger photobombs investment opportunities around the globe.

One week after receiving the green light we were shooting in studio with a cast of 50 and a crew to match. This required the whole Q team to pitch in, from designers to producers to planners to crew. We like to say we all wear a lot of hats at Q Media and this project really capitalized on everyone’s abilities. It was one of the rare opportunities to have the entire Q team pitch in. (Look closely and you may even spot some of the Q family in the background of the shots!)

Initially, we considered using a real Tiger, but Tiger control seemed a little scary, so we turned to Julian Van Mil and his team at Studio Feather to help design and build a realistic looking 3D Tiger.

One month after getting the green light our ads began appearing on YouTube, AGFs website, screens in elevators across the country and screens at Billy Bishop and airports across the country.

The Tiger gives AGF an icon on which to build further communications campaigns. The team has already started plotting where our Tiger might appear next…