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Demo Reel

Fundraising Campaign Video: Lottery Video

Fundraising Campaign Video

The Challenge:

Every year the SickKids Lottery fundraiser works with a SickKids patient to be the ambassador of the campaign. This year’s amazing ambassador was Jordan, who was diagnosed with Infantile Leukemia at only 4 months old. With that diagnosis, it’s easy to imagine the stress and pain her and her family have gone through over the last few years.

The last thing we want to do is put the family in any situation that makes them uncomfortable. So how do you get the incredibly personal and equally powerful story on camera from the family that’s needed to encourage donations without stressing the family?

The Q-solution:

Keep it small.

At Q Media Solutions we aren’t one size fits all!

We can wrangle a 25 person crew with generators and 4K cameras and 4000w lights or send out our multi-talented Creative Director Graeme across the ocean manned with just a camera, a mounted mic and a backpack – we do it all.

For this particular production we knew we had to keep it small – 3 to be exact.

We sent Steve Lang, our seasoned Producer/Director to make sure we captured the powerful performance from our family. Steven Field, our Director of Photography was there to handle camera and sound. And April Maciborka, one of our go to freelance photographers was there to capture the stills of Jordan and her family to create campaign extensions for print and social.

Together, along with Lisa Charendoff from the SickKids Foundation our team was able to put the family at ease by avoiding an intrusive and excessive production. This approach allows us to capture intimate, authentic moments that are key to stories like these that require a sensitive voice.