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Demo Reel

Fundraising Video: Cancer Exercise Program

Wellspring: Cancer Exercise, Fundraising Video

The Challenge:

Wellspring needed to raise funds for their most expensive program, Cancer Exercise. They wanted to demonstrate the success of their customized 20-week program to the over 660 guests at at their signature fundraising event, the Henderson Hoedown. The goal; to inspire guests to make an on the spot $5,000 donation directly to the program.

 The Q-solution:

We knew to cut through the noise of this raucous event, the video needed to instantly captivate the crowd and pull on the heartstrings.

Most importantly the video needed to prove that this program was essential and transformative for the hundreds of survivors it serves every year.

Start with research. Our approach– get the right people to tell the story of the power of the program. We conducted pre-interviews to find the strongest member stories and landed on two compelling journeys: John a 65 year-old with terminal brain cancer and 27 year old recovering cancer survivor, Ashley. We brought in “Q Pal”, and award-winning director Leora Eisen to bring these stories to life. Leora focused on blending powerful clips with verite documentary shooting.

We knew after editing that we had a special piece and to add the icing on the cake, we recommended that John and Ashley attend the event and do a live post-video interview with Hoedown emcee and 5th Estate powerhouse Mark Kelley.

The Results:

Pitch perfect. The house was completely silent during the interview (a first for the jam-packed program featuring the Jim Cuddy Band).

John was brought to tears– along with members throughout the audience.

The outcome: over over 20 people donated instantly to the program – raising a record $100,000.