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qmedia brand statement
Demo Reel

Infographic: OTN Hub

The Client

OTN, the Ontario Telemedicine Network providing remote conferencing, consults and referrals to health providers in Ontario.

The Challenge

Communicating with health care providers about the benefits of telemedicine seems simple. But unfortunately not enough providers are familiar with all the benefits and new features that OTN provides. New OTN technology uses a broad range of technology solutions to provide better access and more efficient care. And OTN has broadened the range of services available over the past five years.

A wide range of technology offerings, lots of statistics and new features made for a long laundry list.

The Q Solution

Enter the infographic solution.

Visual layers of content allowed us to tell a complex story in a dynamic, coherent way. Research and scripting these kinds of stories is the challenge. Together with our client we worked to consolidate and refine the messaging into tight clean clear statements.

Add a dash of live action shooting to show the animation on a series of devices and we ended up delivering an animation that works on multiple levels at once.