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Demo Reel

Information Video: InvestInOntario

The News

Q recently won an RFP from MEDEI, the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure to promote Ontario’s burgeoning IT industry.

The Challenge:

WHY Ontario? Sell Ontario’s innovation in the IT sector to the world.

Target Audience:

International IT Investors and Tech innovators.

The Q Solution:


For the “WHY Ontario” we needed to find  best of the best in IT in Ontario. It started with screening to find the right people to sell Ontario’s assets. After pre-interviewing tons of potential companies and individuals researcher Jonathan Linds found some incredible voies who tell the story of why Ontario is the place to invest in IT.

But while testimonials appeal to the heart investing in, or locating a organization in a new jurisdiction has to make business sense. MEDEI needed a video to quickly communicate the facts that would be important for investors. Rather than use our interviewees to deliver the hard numbers we turned to  Josh Kaplan, one of Q’s very talented graphic artists.  Josh transformed the list of facts into a sophisticated, clean, graphic look and feel – that also adhered to the province’s graphics standards. And to compensate for the winter weather, producer Caitie Drewery went deep into the provincial data base to find great sport and scenery shots to showcase Ontario’s assets as a great place to live and work.

The final videos seemingly simple and direct belies all the homework that goes into a project like this.

Next up, a video highlighting Ontario’s gaming and interactive industry.

To find out more about investing in Ontario here.