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Demo Reel

Luis’ Story

We Tell Stories for Free

Pro-bono work for SERVE! Canada

q media has always had a close relationship with the not-for-profit community and as an organization we find great value in our pro-bono work.  When the opportunity to create profiles for SERVE! Canada came to us, we knew it would be a wonderful chance to bring light to an important community organization.  Serve is a grassroots initiative works intensively with youth to help them overcome obstacles in their lives and find a place and purpose in their community volunteer opportunities.  Luis is one such person, who has overcome incredible odds to find a purpose and a place in the world.  This is his story.

“As a small charity, the expertise and talent of the Q Media group was clearly out of our reach. But thanks to the generous hearts of senior partners Dorothy Engelman and Richard Quinlan we were able to benefit from the power of their teams’ creative force.  They were enthusiastic, resourceful and driven.  The two videos they produced for Serve enabled us to tell our story clearly, compassionately, and has made bystanders engaged supporters.  Thank you Q Media!” – Alison Caird, Executive Director, Serve