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Demo Reel


When Partners in Art won the prestigious MOCCA Award, they asked PIA member and Q Media Solutions Senior Partner Dorothy Engelman to work on a video tribute.  At the first meeting with MOCCA David Liss, and PIA Co-Chairs Mimi Joh and Yvonne Fleck, Dorothy (forever the agitator) suggested something different and (surprise!) more ambitious.

PIA’s raison être is all about collaborating and partnering with artists and institutions to make the impossible possible– so we pitched an idea that would more creatively reflect PIA values.  Why not partner with three artists in the creation of “art videos” that would celebrate the values of PIA rather than having a video with a series of on-camera tributes? Everyone was onboard. ART as content marketing for PIA and MOCCA and three collaborating artists!  Watch all three HERE.

The project was a fantastic opportunity for our Q team to spread their wings and work with inspirational artists Luis Jacob, Suzanne Lake. And for Amber, Dorothy and Josh they got to create our own special video celebrating PIA – a stop motion wonder with a handmade feel.

Read more on the making of the Q animation in Amber’s recent blog.