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Demo Reel

Helping Your Kids Succeed in School

People for Education came to us with a challenge: how could we take their informative tip sheets and turn them into online video learning?

From the first meeting we all agreed the key message for Helping Your Child Succeed at School was to help parents and educators understand the difference between setting high expectations for your kids and drilling them insistently about homework and performance.

Together we came up with an approach that literally helps parents HEAR the difference between helpful conversations and nagging about the details of school.

Most surprising for all of us at Q (with kids) was the research shows that talking to your kids about school in a engaging way is more helpful than than limiting TV time or heavily monitoring homework.

Director and Animator Josh Kaplan says “this content was really challenging – we wanted to find a way to strike the balance between being informative and fun.”

According to our partners at People for Education, the feedback from educators and parents has been glowing – job well done Josh!