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Demo Reel

PSA: It Starts Here

The Challenge:

How to celebrate the YMCA’s role in the invention of basketball.

Q- Solution:

Rather than producing a one-off spot for the occasion Q recommended leveraging the 125th anniversary of YMCA instructor James Naismith’s invention at the NBA All-Star game, using the profile and relationship with NBA Canada to launch a nationwide campaign. 


What started out as a conversation about a video turned into a story about the YMCA and their values.

The beginning of basketball sparked the concept of “it starts here”. As we were brainstorming the concept, we realized that the it in “it starts here” was full of potential beyond the celebration of the invention of basketball – so many different things start at the YMCA for so many people and the it could be customizable based on those stories. 

We created a number of creative iterations and presented a full campaign based on this concept to David Hughes and Christine Harris at YMCA Canada and…. they loved it! 

So “It Starts Here” with basketball, but stayed tuned for more.

It Starts here at Q! Read about how this national campaign unfolded in Caitie Drewery’s blog– Anatomy of a Campaign; a fun how-to, DIY guide to campaign success.


Direction and Creative: Graeme Mathieson

Content Producer: Caitie Drewery

Production Manger: Allison Walsh

Editing: Shawn Dell

DP: Sasha Moric

Compositing: Josh Kaplan

Photography: Matt Donkner