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qmedia brand statement
Demo Reel

Brand Identity and Website

The Challenge: Think of typical branding for an investment firm: lots of deep blues, serious men in grey suits and happy retirees walking along the beach.

When Som Seif came to us looking for branding for his new investment firm, Purpose Investments, we had an idea of what he didn’t want. Som believes that we don’t live to invest, but invest to live. This was the feeling we wanted the new company to have: a feeling that was more like your neighbourhood coffee shop than the oak paneled boardroom of your typical investment firm.

The Q Solution:  a name, logo and website to reflect the idea that investing should be about the things we love, and enjoying life, now. Instead of images of serious looking investment types, the Purpose website features Instagram-style images of everyday life, the moments we invest for. The result is a brand and website that feels fresh and direct, and a firm with a different sense of Purpose.