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Demo Reel

Social Media Promo: Summer Fun!

Social Media Promo – Ontario Science Centre

The Challenge: 

The Ontario Science Centre wanted to promote their summer activities on social media — to release it as soon as possible and do it all on a tight budget. So how do you create an engaging social media promo, with a playful script that can be put together quickly and inexpensively? 

The Q-solution: 

Script outside the box. 

Although we wanted to promote the amazing spaces and games inside the Ontario Science Centre, we wanted to avoid a traditional highlight reel that so many Ontario attractions create for their summer promotions. 

We know the Ontario Science Centre’s key selling point is that it’s fun for the whole family and there is no other attraction like it. So, we decided to play that up – and developed “Tired of that same old summer outing.” The script features a mundane family picnic where nothing is as exciting as planned. Then, in the same way Alice falls down the well to Wonderland or Dorothy lands in a technicolour Oz, our family discovers a mecca of excitement, imagination and play…the Ontario Science Centre!

The strategy allowed us to incorporate footage of the Science Centre’s activities AND a playful storyline.