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Demo Reel

The Great Camp Adventure

Once again, SickKids took us on an adventure – this time, we went to camp.  They needed a kickoff video for their latest, fun and innovative fundraising event – the Great Camp Adventure!  We wanted to keep to the theme and make a really fun product, so we brought in animator Mat Garbulinski, covered everything insight in greenscreen, brought in some great SickKids ambassadors, doctors and nurses, threw in a few Q staffers – and went camp wild!

Take a look at our other animated projects:

Parent Tip Sheet – combining live action with graphic animation to bring an information sheet alive for People for Education

Global Child Health – combining textures and graphics with interviews and broll footage to showcase SickKids’s Global Child Health initiatives

Share IT – combining 2D animation and simple texts in order to create an engaging explanation of the services offered by Share-IT.