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Demo Reel

Ricardo’s Story

We Tell Stories for Free

Pro-bono work for Youth Without Shelter

Ricardo led the life of a criminal to escape the horror of his domestic situation. Abused and neglected as a child, Ricardo is finally coming to terms with his past, and holds his head high as a success story of Youth Without Shelter, a shelter for homeless teenagers located in Etobicoke. With the persistent help and guidance of the YWS staff, Ricardo was able to turn his life around, and go to college.

“Q Media crafted videos for Youth Without Shelter that put a face to youth homelessness.  With sensitivity and respect they worked with the youth we serve to share their voices.  These videos have become a vital tool in enabling Youth Without Shelter to tell our story in the community, breaking down the myths and stereotypes surrounding youth homelessness.” – Judy Leroux, Development Manager, Youth Without Shelter