Richard Quinlan

Senior Partner

Since founding Q Media 17 years ago Richard has produced over 1000 pieces of content. He’s produced documentaries for BNN and for BellGlobeMedia he has created hundreds of campaign shorts, blogs, videos and commercials for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and HSBC. He was the producer of Innovating Tomorrow, the largest branded sponsorship campaign in CTV history and won the Gold Marketing Innovation Award. That project led to collaborating on over 50 branded content series for BellGlobeMedia over the past decade.

Get Richard’s awesome insights from his BLOG “Picture This”.

Richard’s recent work.

Dorothy Engelman

Strategy, Creative & Executive Producer

Throughout her 35+ year career, Dorothy has won multiple awards as a TV producer/ writer for Q Media, CBC, CTV, Newsworld, TVO and Global. In 1999, she founded Q Media with partner Richard Quinlan. Dorothy was named a trailblazer by WXN as one of “Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women.” Her commitment to community has infused Q Media; which commits significant resources for pro-bono work every year.

Dorothy’s recent work. 

Graeme Mathieson

Creative Director

Graeme is our award winning Creative Director who oversees the look and feel of every project. With over a decade in the industry he has a knack for making every client feel at ease. He ensures each project is custom designed, visually engaging and powerful. And while behind the camera, he has produced stunning and powerful material on shoestring budgets for SickKids, Wellspring, YMCA and New Balance. As a DJ by night (literally), he is our in-house music expert – finding the perfect track every time.

Graeme’s recent work.

Steve Lang

Senior Producer

Steve has been with Q since inception and he is the epitome of the Q Media mantra: “doing it all.” He’s been the lead technical producer for 360 video campaigns, lead writer for hundreds of content series videos, director on commercials for big brands, producer on multiple broadcast spots and a DOP filming around the world. And to top it off, he’s our in-house tech wiz. He’s our go-to-guy to talk gadgets, solve problems and quote The Simpsons.

Steve’s recent work.

Caitie Drewery


Caitie is the foundation of Q Media. As a Producer with a keen eye for content, she has written dozens of award-winning scripts for Globe and Mail branded campaigns and led all the editorial, research and direction on our YMCA national campaign. Her natural curiosity and sensitivity makes her a very strong interviewer and storyteller. She manages over $2 million of annual work (120+ projects a year) with an unwavering upbeat attitude. Last year, Caitie received the WXN Top 100 Most Powerful Women Award, in the “Future Leaders” category.

Read about Caitie’s adventures as a Producer in her BLOG.

Caitie’s recent work.

Andrea Horodyski

Production Manager

Andrea joins Q to solidify the Ryerson cabal here at Q. In fact, she knows some of our staff better than we do! A production organizational force Andrea comes to us after a successful stint as a coordinator at Discovery’s Daily Planet. She’s yet another young future media star to join our team. And with a Canadian Screen award already under her belt she’s going to help us all keep on track and up our game.

Andrea’s recent work. 

Josh Kaplan

Graphic Artist/Animator

Josh and Graeme are brothers-in-arms at the Q shop. Graeme dreams up fantastic designs or animated sequences and Josh makes Graeme’s imagination come to life. He’s a true problem solver and an insanely fast worker. He’s created animated pieces for dozens of clients, removed logos from moving basketballs, turned bricks walls into canvases and created 3D cities. Basically, he’s our very own wizard.

Josh’s recent work.

Matt Donker

Digital Media Producer/Data Manager

In true Q Media fashion, Matt is a jack of all trades. He captures gorgeous still photography, he is our lead footage manager, he edits powerful videos and just recently, he headed on an American city tour for a corporate client with just a backpack and a camera. While on the road, he shot footage, conducted interviews and scripted in hotel rooms, all as a one-man band.

Matt’s recent work. 

Steven Field

Director of Photography/Editor

He’s filmed in a Chilean desert and an ice covered Montreal. He’s worked with Olympic athletes, luxury cars, corporate powerhouses and even our current Prime Minister. He’s shot everything from emotional documentary pieces for SickKids, engaging commercials for the Ontario Science Centre and dozens of content campaigns for the Globe and Mail. You name it, he can shoot it. And he’s always learning about the next big thing: as a recent Drone school grad, he keeps us ahead of the game in all things production.

Steven’s recent work.

Mike Fiore

Lead Sound Engineer

Mike is one of our most powerful resources on set. He makes all of our creative sound great, but he’s also an awesome shooter and a terrific mind reader (he has a habit of getting you what you need, before you even know you need it). He puts everyone he works with at ease and brings limitless amounts of energy and positivity to set and in the office. In post production, he is very skilled in audio mixing, sound design, and VO recording.

Mike’s recent work. 

Sam Gamper

Q Assist

Newest member of the Q team, Sam joined us right out of Ryerson ( in fact he had to take off a day in his first month to go to graduation). To his credit he has quickly acclimatized to tight deadlines and Friday lunches. He’s fit in perfectly jumping on edits, helping out with shooting, and happily chipping in wherever needed to keep everything running smoothly.

Sam’s recent work.

Eleanor Engelman

Q Finance

Eleanor brings decades of financial and arts administrative know how to the office everyday. We couldn’t do what we do if we didn’t have Eleanor keeping us on track and financially sound. Affectionately known as the “Q Mom” she knows how to handle this (mostly) young brood.

Zach Murray

Q Tech

A entrepreneur and founder of Vanquished Media and EDUstory Zach works with Q Media on all things digital. The brainchild of the new Q Media website Zach brings focused energy and experience to everything he does. Zach currently resides in the Q Lab where we provide free space to emerging talent.