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Ten Days from Call to Super Bowl Commercial

Posted On: February 5, 2016

HDLC16-101-Spot-01_FINALere at Q Media, we like a challenge. The team enjoys working hard (and fast) to meet deadlines. When Dave Teixeira from Dominion Lending Centre called and said he wanted to make a Super Bowl commercial, we looked at the calendar and took a deep breath. We’d need to deliver the spot to Telecaster in 10 days! That is a challenge.

Producing a spot in 10 days requires a tight team and a great client. Scripting, logistics and approvals needed to happen at rapid speeds. After a couple of great preliminary conversations with Dave we said, “let’s do this!”

Working quickly is inspiring and motivating. The key is to keep an open dialogue with your client, be prepared to do a little on-the-go problem solving and surround yourself with people that can work nimbly and go with the flow. And working with a great host, certainly helps. DLC’s senior economist Dr. Sherry Cooper was a total pro.

Watch the Super Bowl this Sunday for the DLC commercial “kick off”.



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