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Demo Reel

Young DOP Shoots His First Surgery at SickKids

Posted On: April 5, 2013

This morning we discovered that today was a red-letter date (excuse the pun) for young turk Steven Field.  He was in the office early getting ready, both techniclly and emotionally, about shooting his first surgery at SickKids.  We all shared stories about our first time stepping into a surgery. Dorothy suggested to set the camera eyepiece and monitor to B&W, Richard piped in with his note “watch with the camera not your eyes.” When we got the picture from Richard that all was a-okay onset – we all cheered Steven’s rite of passage!  He’s been jumping hurdles ever since he joined us as an intern almost 2 years ago!  Go Steven, on to the next challenge — fly to Quebec for a shoot, turn around and shoot in North Bay with the mighty Peggy Taylor.



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