Meet the Q Family: Matt

Meet Matt.

Digital Media Producer.  Jack of all trades.  Hockey enthusiast.

Favourite children’s book: The Curious George books were my favourite growing up, I’ve wanted a pet monkey ever  since.

Website you visit the most: Right now Reddit is my go to site. Useful for following news, hockey, movies, pretty much anything you could need to be informed or just to kill time.

A free day is spent: Ideally it would be spent running errands followed by lunch with friends then either playing hockey or going to the gym. The majority of the time it is meeting friends for a late night meal or catching up on movies or TV shows I may have missed.

Biggest pet peeve: Poor subway etiquette is by far my biggest pet peeve. Some of the people in the trains, on the pathways, and especially on the stairs and escalators may very well drive me mad someday.

Dream project: My dream project would probably be working on a documentary similar to the Planet Earth projects.  I would love to film and document rare or endangered animals in their natural habitats.

Something quirky about yourself: I am physically incapable of tanning. The only colour I get in the summer is a slight shade of red.

What did you want to grow up to be? I wanted to be either a hockey player or a rock star growing up

Why aren’t you doing that now? A severe lack of talent in both fields…

If you could be a character in a movie – who would it be? I would probably want to be James Bond. He’s extremely calm and cool under pressure, but at the same time intelligent and quick witted. Honestly who wouldn’t want to have access to all those sweet cars and gadgets?

What’s your “Q” connection? I am the nephew of our great senior producer Steve Lang. I started popping up doing random jobs in the for a few summers, then I began an internship with Q in my final semester of school. After the internship ended I just kind of kept showing up week by week until somebody either kicked me out or gave me a spot on the website.

Most memorable Q project: Although not one project in particular, I’ve had the privilege to work on projects with both Sick Kids hospital and Camp Oochigeas. The amount of passion, courage, and strength from not only the children affected, but from the parents, employees, and volunteers, are truly inspiring. Every project I have done with them is incredibly memorable.

One specific project that I think will always be memorable to me is a series of videos we shot for the Council of Ontario Universities. We drove to various universities around Ontario to interview students who are affected by mental health issues. The time on the road was great, as it gave me an opportunity to get to know some of the great members of the Q Media team, but we also got to meet some truly remarkable students and learn about mental health issues that are not commonly discussed or properly understood.

What do you like most about working at Q? There is always something new on the horizon. One day you may be with a bank representative speaking about the future of finance, and then the next day you could be in a hospital speaking to an oncologist about life changing research. There are such a wide variety of projects being done and such great stories being told. I love being able to go out and experience something different and to learn new things. I also could not ask for a more genuine, talented, and fun group of people to work with and learn from.

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