Meet the Q Family: Steven

Meet Steven.

Cameraman.  Television connoisseur. Curator of “hey wanna see something cool?”

Favourite expression: Regardless.  It’s the ultimate comeback.  All conversation and debate is now over because I have no regard for it. Don’t believe me?  Regardless. *** for more advanced users, try ‘be that as it may” – it really kicks it up a notch

Favourite children’s book: I don’t remember my childhood very well but after a quick inquiry with the Steven Field historian (AKA Mrs-Steven-Field’s-mom) this was apparently one of my top three.

Website you visit the most:  Lately, reddit.

A free day is spent: What I’d want to do is be productive, clean my car and you know get everything done. And fix things. But I would probably do is loaf, go to the gym, go out and pretty much do nothing productive at all.

Biggest pet peeve:  Tea bags in the sink. Stop.

Dream project: I always wanted to make a series about a bunch of kids that ride around on BMX bikes.  When I used to ride, I always felt BMX was never properly shown on TV or in movies and the culture and style is something I think would make for a cool series.

Favourite story to tell: 

Once I was driving up north on Hwy 69 on Father’s Day weekend 2009 and I saw a big black bear on the far left side of the 2-lane road and he walked across the first lane and stopped at the yellow line. As I drove towards him I forgot bears were bears and he wasn’t, in fact, stopping at the yellow line to look both ways and let me pass before crossing – and about 20 feet from the bear it steps out into my lane. At which point I swerved at speed into the oncoming lane (thankfully empty) dodged the bear by a foot (it felt/ looked like inches) and swerved back into my lane right after. All without spilling the handful of Nerds I was in the middle of eating.  Two years later, driving home from the same long weekend away, traffic slowed to a crawl. Glass everywhere. A big fuzzy (dead) bear lay on the side of the road. And a SUV with a full family sits on the other side, completely destroyed.  I was going must faster in a much smaller car when I had my close call. It wouldn’t have been pretty.

Also once I woke up with a raccoon in my car – all the doors and windows were locked, all the food was eaten but no upholstery damaged.  He was napping on the dashboard in the morning.  Animals!

A dinner party with any three people, dead or alive – who’s at the table? 

There is no one really that I would ‘love to meet‘ but I guess I would pick someone from WAY back in the day as long as they still spoke English because I can hardly speak my native tongue never mind a foreign one.  And assuming ‘dead’ is just ‘not alive’ then a dude from way way in the future would be cool (possible loop hole, someone from the past that traveled back in time from the future after time travel is discovered,) and if thats the case he may have a translator so the ancient person can speak any language.   The third person would be someone willing to host this party because I’m not having a space man and a cave man over at my place.

Something quirky about yourself?

I say a lot of really pointless things I guess. A lot of my stories and jokes and stuff are just completely off topic.

What did you want to grow up to be?

A lawyer, but I don’t know why.  I always thought it didn’t seem that hard I guess, and then you’d have money, and then you could do the things you want. I mean you can’t win the lottery, let’s be realistic, so you’ve got to be a lawyer if you want to be rich. So I was like “I’m going to be a lawyer”.

Why aren’t you doing any of those things now?

I was a smart kid so I figured I could argue for a living. And then as I became older I became less smart, so I decided that arguing was not something I wanted to do anymore.

If you could be a character in a movie – who would it be? 

I would live the life of Paul Rudd from I Love You, Man. Because he gets to meet and be friends with Jason Segel. That or I’d be Ricky Bobby.

What’s your “Q” connection?

My mum went to high school with Dorothy and they met again at a high school reunion. And my mum said “oh my son’s just going into film” and Dorothy said “oh that’s crazy I have a film company in Toronto”. I needed an internship in third year and my mum suggested I call Dorothy. I did – and then my mum called her behind my back too. I guessed they liked me. And now I’m here.

What do you like most about working at Q?

You get a chance to do everything – which is really key because in school we did everything and then they try and narrow it down, but at the same time you’ve found some interests, so it’s nice to have more time to figure out what’s right for you. Like I shoot and I do media, and then I do editing, and I do data management and I do DIT stuff. I get to keep my base knowledge quite broad as opposing to going and deciding to be a camera assistant, and just being a camera assistant.

Most memorable Q project:

Shooting in the summer for the Samsung AMC preshow was a good time. Awesome weather, great actors, cool creative shots. I had a lot of fun pretending a 5D was a Cellphone. Shooting water fights, kites, rock shows, dinner, karaoke, and sing-along-selfies all on a whirlwind shooting schedule. I had a blast and would do it again tomorrow.

What makes you happy?

Making people laugh. If they’re happy I’m happy.   Also, Jake and Amir are fairly ace.

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