Dominion Lending Centres

Bikes for Kids

Meant to open hearts and wallets, this PSA spot captures the freedom and adventure that a bike provides a child through imaginative illustrations.

the challenge.

Dominion Lending Centres wanted to unveil their CSR initiative with a commercial PSA that was playful and emotional. 

the Q-lution.

Imagination brought to life. 

If there’s one thing we love doing  at Q, its being able to play. And for this recent project with Canada’s largest mortgage company, we had an open canvas for creativity to create a spot filled with childlike wonder. We took the idea of “open canvas” literally, and brought a child’s imagination to life through illustration on the bedroom walls around her. 

It was a team effort here at Q, as we brainstormed a concept and script that fully embraced everything a bike can bring to a child. We wanted to script the bike as the hero, reminding audiences of the importance of this initiative to bring more bikes to more kids in need. Our production manager Andrea wrote a beautiful script (her first commercial spot no less!) about a child’s adventures with her bike. Illustrator Adam, and animator Josh, used their skills to bring the adventure to life, animating the child’s drawings to come right off the page and play on the room around her.