Q Supports Linda Lewis and – and You Can Too!

Last year at our holiday party we raised money for our friends Nancy Chapelle and Toni Stevens in support of their fundraising quest to for the Canadian Diabetes Association.  Our friends, colleagues and clients helped us raise $3500 for the cause in three hours.  Twins Linda and Leora Lewis led the charge by donating and encouraging others to do the same.

This year we are paying it forward in the name of Linda and her fab twin Leora.

They have spent their lives paying it forward – Linda started a cervical cancer research fund at Princess Margaret, both were instrumental in helping organize Wellspring’s fabulous fashion show and have contributed to many other worthy causes around the world. Most recently Linda has given her time to mentor young women as editor-in-chief of MORE magazine.  Both Linda and Leora been always been committed to helping others.

Now they need our help.

Linda is currently undergoing treatment for acute leukemia and needs constant blood transfusions to stay alive. Her twin sister Leora has teamed up with the Canadian Blood Services to set up an “account” in Linda’s honour.  Though the donations aren’t targeted for her specifically, she will get a tally of how many units have been donated in her name.

How you can help!

Just go to and choose a clinic that is convenient for you. Click on the “Partners for Life” icon and then click on “Member” and register by citing Linda’s number:  LIND013495 . Check the criteria to make sure you’re eligible to become a donor. The actual process itself, including the interview when you get to the clinic, takes about an hour.

It just takes five donors to make up one bag of platelets. But those little bags are the lifeblood for Linda and so many others.

Let’s get this party started and show Linda how much we care!

And please spread the word!


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