Q Works with Artists to Celebrate PIA and MOCCA!

2 Talented Artists
8 Mirrors and 8 Flashlight
1 green screen studio
1 day.

Suzy Lake and Q Creative Director Graeme Mathieson

As a member of Partners in Art Q Media offered to collaborate with MOCCA and three contemporary artists to create three special films.
Artists, Luis Jacob, Suzy Lake and Margaux Williamson are creating films to celebrate MOCCA Award Winners Partners in Art this year.

All of us a q had an amazing time today working with Luis and Susy to bring their visions to the big screen.

Keep an eye out for the final videos we’ll post them after the MOCCA Awards in mid-April.

PIA Members getinto the Action





Q Collaboration - Mat Garbulinski


Island Hopping for a Great Cause