Steven goes to drone school

Steven goes back to School…Drone School

It’s back to school to his alma mater at Humber College, for cinematographer Field.

Technology is changing so rapidly and the tools are coming at a fast and furious rate. Recently, we caught Steven ogling some drone camera mounts, so we packed him a lunch, made sure his shoes were tied tight and sent him back to school. Steven has spent his last few weekends learning about radio call signs and flying procedures through a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) course offered at his old stomping ground at Humber College. And he passed (as we knew we would) with “flying colours”!

Here’s his thoughts on the experience:

Flying a UAV is not easy. And I don’t just mean the actual control of the quadcopter (although that can be tough at times); but to legally fly a drone in the GTA for commercial use can take upwards of 20 days notice to get approval, and then if approved, upwards of 6 months before you can apply for a permit to fly at will (in designated areas).  So there was definitely a lot to learn. But the certification was definitely worth it. The UAV ground school I attended has got me well on my way to being able to get that amazing ariel shot – when and where we want it. And by the book. Plus it’s an excuse to play with toys at work… I mean….hone my “pilot skills.”


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